COVID-19 Products

In partnership with healthcare providers and the diagnostic industry, Cone Bioproducts is proud to provide Antibody standards for COVID-19 Serology testing. Cone Bioproducts is a primary manufacturer of serology plasmas / serums, and has identified IgM and IgG positive and negative antibody standards for COVID-19. These materials may be formulated and used for quality control, assay development and verification.

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6093 COVID-19 Antibody Negative, Pooled Fresh Frozen Plasma, US Origin add
6092 COVID-19 Antibody Negative Pooled Fresh Frozen Plasma, EU Origin add
6094 COVID-19 Antibody Negative Defibrinated Human Plasma, EU Origin add
6095 COVID-19 Antibody Negative Defibrinated Human Plasma from US Source Plasma add
6107 COVID-19 IgG Antibody Negative Human Plasma add
6101 COVID-19 Antibody Total Negative (IgG+IgM) Human Plasma add