Purified Proteins

Cone Bioproducts offers an extensive line of highly purified and semi-purified proteins.  These proteins are used as components in controls, calibrators, and buffers; for cell culture applications; and for research and interference studies.

  • Industry leading supplier of fractionated albumin and gamma globulin
  • Purified Proteins are available in both liquid and lyophilized (powder) forms.
  • Available as bulk format or aliquoted into final packaging
  • Processing performed in a cGMP, FDA‑registered, ISO 13485‑certified facility
Product number Description Get quote
1822 RF Positive Defibrinated Human Plasma add
6120 Bovine Serum Albumin, 30% Solution add
4815 IgG Elevated, Defibrinated Human Plasma add
4818 Haptoglobin Elevated, Defibrinated Human Plasma add
5010 Ceruloplasmin, Partially Purified add
5629 5’NT Purified from Rattlesnake Venom add
5625 AFU Purified from Bovine Liver add
4819 Alpha-1 Acid Glycoprotein Elevated, Defibrinated Human Plasma add
4820 Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Elevated, Defibrinated Human Serum add
4813 Apo-A1 Elevated, Defibrinated Human Plasma add
4814 Apo-B Elevated, Defibrinated Human Plasma add
4333 ASO Concentrate add
5298 Bovine Serum Albumin add
5475 BSA Powder, Fatty Acid Free add
5508 BSA Powder, Protease Free add
5320 C3 Concentrate add
5321 C4 Concentrate add
4817 Ceruloplasmin Enriched Defibrinated Human Plasma add
2379 CRP Spiking Grade add
4023 Folate, Vitamin B12 Depleted, Human Serum Albumin add
2373 Human Gamma Globulin Powder add
4840 Human Gamma Globulin Powder, >99% add
4148 Human Gamma Globulin, 5% add
4137 Human Serum Albumin, 20% add
3447 Human Serum Albumin, 25% Solution add
4025 Human Serum Albumin, 5% add
4136 Human Serum Albumin, Lyophilized add
4162 Human Serum Albumin Powder, Fatty Acid Free add
5906 Low Endotoxin, Mycoplasma Free Human Serum Albumin Powder add
4024 Human Serum Albumin, Protease Free add
6023 Human Serum Albumin, Vitamin D Free Powder add
3500 IgA, Human Purified add
3499 IgM, Human Purified add
4616 Prealbumin, Human Purified from Plasma add
4816 Prealbumin Elevated, Defibrinated Human Plasma add