Donor Human Bioproducts

Cone Bioproducts provides human blood, serum, plasma, and urine products to meet the requirements of researchers and diagnostic manufacturers.

  • Blood and plasma collected at US FDA licensed blood collection facilities.
  • Specialty collection and custom processing per customer requirements
  • Disease state sourcing available upon request
Product number Description Get quote
4636 Human Hemoglobin Solution, >25% add
4635 Human Hemoglobin Solution, <5% add
1487 RF Positive Human Plasma add
6093 COVID-19 Antibody Negative, Pooled Fresh Frozen Plasma, US Origin add
6092 COVID-19 Antibody Negative Pooled Fresh Frozen Plasma, EU Origin add
6094 COVID-19 Antibody Negative Defibrinated Human Plasma, EU Origin add
6095 COVID-19 Antibody Negative Defibrinated Human Plasma from US Source Plasma add
6107 COVID-19 IgG Antibody Negative Human Plasma add
6101 COVID-19 Antibody Total Negative (IgG+IgM) Human Plasma add
5607 anti-HBs, anti-HBc, anti-TP Negative, Delipidized Off the Clot Serum add
5606 anti-HBs, anti-HBc, anti-TP Negative, Off Clot Serum add
3223 Elevated A1c Red Blood Cells add
5072 Fresh Frozen Plasma (<1 year from collection) add
5264 Hemolyzed, Dialyzed Red Blood Cell Base Matrix add
5078 Male Recovered Plasma add
3221 Normal A1c Red Blood Cells add
2760 Off The Clot, Normal Human Serum add
4604 Pour Off Human Serum add
4015 Recovered Human Plasma add
1442 Source Plasma, Sodium Citrate add
6907 Unprocessed Drug Free Urine add
5439 Unprocessed hCG Negative Urine add