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Lipid Linearity, Liquid, 6 Levels - 5648

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Part Number 5648
Format Liquid
Source Human Serum
Number of Levels 6
Fill Volume 3 mL
Features Human HDL and LDL
Storage < -20 C
Open Vial/Reconstituted Refrigerated Stability 14 days
Closed Vial Refrigerated Stability 30 days
Expiration 1 year from date of manufacture
Analytes Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol
Safety statement

All human plasma units used to prepare this product have been tested by FDA approved tests and found to be non-reactive for HbsAg, Anti-HIV I/II, Anti-HCV, HIV-1 RNA, and HCV RNA. Donors of human plasma units used in the making of this product were tested and found negative for Syphilis according to FDA guidelines.

amber, clear and white vials used to package quality control materials


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