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Off The Clot, Normal Human Serum - 2760

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Part Number 2760
Appearance Liquid, clear yellow, free of visible foreign matter, clots or precipitates
Filtration 0.22 micron-filtered
Additives None
Storage < -15 C
Expiration 5 years from date of manufacture
Total Protein 6.0 - 8.0 g/dL
Fibrinogen Negative
pH 7.1 - 7.9
Bioburden < 10 CFUs/mL
Safety statement

Individual donor units in the preparation of this product have been tested by FDA approved tests and found to be non-reactive for HbsAg, Anti-HIV I/II, Anti-HCV, HIV-1 RNA, and HCV RNA. Donors of human plasma units used in making this product were tested and found negative for Syphilis according to FDA guidelines.   CAUTION: FOR USE IN RESEARCH OR REMANUFACTURE OF NON-INJECTABLE PRODUCTS NOT SUBJECT TO LICENSE UNDER PHS ACT SECTION 351, ONLY.


Cone Bioproducts Off the Clot Human Serum, or “True Human Serum” is serum which has not been collected from plasma which is artificially defibrinated but instead has been allowed to stand and coagulate naturally, with the salvage serum being removed for use in specific IVD applications. This serum is an excellent basematrix for targeted IVD control and calibrator applications, and does not exhibit signs of hemolysis, lipemia, or icteric properties.


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