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Human Platelet Lysate - 5015

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Part Number 5015
Form/Appearance Liquid, straw to goldenrod, free of visible foreign matter, clots, or precipitates
Filtration Available
Additives None
Storage <-20 C
Expiraition 3 years from date of manufacture
Endotoxin < 0.5 EU/mL
Mycoplasma Negative
Sterility No Growth
Safety statement

Individual donor units used in the preparation of this product have been tested by FDA approved tests and found to be non-reactive for HBsAg, Anti-HIV I/II, Anti-HCV, HIV-1 RNA, and HCV RNA. Donors of human platelet units used in the making of this product were tested and found negative for Syphilis according to FDA guidelines. 


Cone Bioproducts’ Human Platelet Lysate is for use in promoting growth and proliferation of cell cultures. Human Platelet Lysate is rich in growth factors and cytokines for stem cells, and is an excellent substitute for Fetal Bovine Serum, with reduced lot-to-lot variability and improved supply availability. Human Platelet Lysate is free of animal components, and useful for xeno-free media formulations.


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